December 7, 2015

Cherished Neighbors

Up early today to chase the dawn light and frosty fog at Great Meadows, but a series of mishaps with my camera and poor early light prompted me to abandon my initial plan.  As the sky brightened, I decided instead to visit some of my favorite neighbors.  These highlanders graze the rocky fields around the old Brooks Tavern, a beautiful hilltop acreage that now belongs to Minuteman National Historic National Park.  These slow, lumbering beauties always seem intent on chewing and sleeping, but their soulful gaze reveal the distinct spark inside of each of them.  I've yet to be formally introduced, though we've had several portrait sessions together.  Usually, it's nearly impossible to capture their richly textured light and dark coats and all the details of eyes, noses, and mouths within them.  But today's low mid-morning light, softened by sheer clouds, offered a rare opportunity to capture their essence.  And who couldn't love these soft faces.

Browsing the brambles
A conical cow-pruned tree, as Thoreau wonderfully describes in his essay Wild Apples


  1. I love these wonderful neighbors of mine. I often leave the road to sit and watch them. One of my favorite memories is seeing the red boy galloping through the rocky field in the falling snow toward the evening meal that was being delivered by a caretaker. Anna Barbara

  2. I enjoy seeing them too and hope they are out whenever I am around that area! Great portraits, Cherrie! Anne W.

  3. Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing.