December 21, 2013

Finding Light in Darkness

The light is ever more precious
on these darkest days,
so we may truly celebrate its return. 

Happy Solstice!

December 1, 2013

November Ice - Then and Now

Great Meadows was as still Saturday evening as it was howling with wind just a week ago.  Wednesday's generous rainfall finally filled the drought-starved river basin and marshes, then to be flash frozen since Thanksgiving day.  Lovely ice and the soft reflections of the evening sun have rekindled my winter's swoon...a bit early.

I was fascinated by a curious geometry in this fresh ice, a pattern I hadn't seen before...but someone had, exactly 157 years ago -- "What I noticed for the thousandth time on the 15th was the waved surface of thin dark ice just frozen, as if it were a surface composed of large, perhaps triangular pieces raised at the edges..." (Thoreau, Journal, 11/15/1857)  It's as if we're looking through shared eyes, back and forth over time.