November 1, 2013

Sunset Glory Days

From now until year's end, sunsets warm the cooling sky with bronzed and fiery displays, filling us with beautiful light as we draw deeper into the season's dark nights.

Stirring winds from a powerful, clearing storm combined with the sun's lowering angle to ignite the sky with color during this November's first sunset. 

As the sun neared the horizon, the marsh turned from a golden hue to fiery orange, then a rose glow, and finally a deep purple.

Throughout this pageant of color, legions of ducks and geese flew in through the portal where the sun was setting, soared past the blushing clouds, and tumbled down into the refuge for their night's rest.

From now through December there will be many more vibrant evenings to illuminate the spirit just before the long dark night.



  1. all are spectacular, but love that last shot the most. amazing!

  2. Thanks, Lucy. That last shot, of buttonbush seed heads, does remind me of the subtle essences that you so often distill in your photos. This is an ephemeral early November silhouette I look forward to seeing each year. These delicate, ripe bundles will now shatter with the slightest touch or gust of wind and cast their bounty below.