February 17, 2013

Winter Haiku Walk

Co-leader Brad Bennett and I ventured out across Great Meadows on Sunday, with eight other hearty souls, our Haiku minds open to the wild and turbulent wind, whirling snow, and winter solitude.  Here are a few shared Haiku inspirations from our group coupled with some of my photographs.

snow smoke swirls
bent cattail blades
Iris Fennell

finding calm
in the rage of winter wind
a complete surprise
Cassandra Oxley

dancing snow
specters in the haloed sun
spring so distant 
Cassandra Oxley

howling wind
and whirling snow
moving ghostly eddies
Susan Primm Thel

ice flows black water –
colors of poets watching
geese swimming upstream
Cherrie Corey

a cold silence
geese swimming upriver
past floating ice
Brad Bennett

swamp dogwood 
in snow
red in endless white
Beth Brownlow

coffee ready waiting
warmth for haiku trekkers
snow spirals whirling
Anne Whitaker

With our gathered inspirations, we adjourned to Thoreau Farm to share our Haiku and warm refreshments.  On my short drive home, at dusk, I noticed a firey glow building on the horizon and dashed back to Great Meadows for an unexpected sunset at the end of this icy, gray day.  Snow swirling pink now, a "double" sun, and a welcome encounter with dusk-walking friends, Iris and Mary.

winter branches
end of day
sky fire
Iris Fennell