February 10, 2013

Silence, Beauty, Balance

In the wake of our blizzard, all has calmed.  Bright sun and blue sky illuminate and frame the white counterpain of snow that unites the marshes and shorelines as one seamless, brilliant landscape. Sensuous shapes and fluid lines highlighted by shadow quietly belie yesterday's frantic, swirling winds.  It's both a wonder and a story as I slowly move toward the river.

There is a rare, deep silence here by the river today.  No wind, lapping water, voices, planes or motors interrupt this stillness - a rare moment.  A great-horned owl begins its soft, deep call from the pines edging the Bemis's field.  Warbling bluebirds announce their progress along the shoreline.  The soft, melodic trills of tree sparrows build as the sun sinks lower.  Nuthatches work the trees around me.  But all of these voices modulate in balance with the quiet.  The shadows lengthen and I'm joined on my riverside bench by a woman named Muse.

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  1. I feel a lot warmer after reading this post. Those haiku photos gave me a chill.