October 12, 2012

Night Flight

A passing cold front with strong NW winds, like the one we're having tonight, inspires thousands of birds to take to the night skies for their journey southward.  In the midst of this very busy week, I've been glancing at the radar these last few nights.  On these last two clear nights, it's been quite a light show.  Tonight may mark the biggest single movement of birds this fall.

I prefer the Nexrad radar screen on my favorite weather site, www.wunderground.com, set for whatever town/city you choose.  Select "Regional radar" for a wider view and "Animate" to see a one hour span of activity.  If you really want to dig deeper, or soar higher, check out Clemson University's Radar Ornithology Laboratory

Birds just taking flight at 6 pm
May all these feathered travelers be guided safely past skyscrapers, wind turbines, and jet planes to reach their southern destinations!

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