August 2, 2012

Sense of Place - A Personal Journey

Full moon over Blue Hill Bay
When not in Concord, my sense of place and sacred space runs deepest along the DownEast Maine and Maritime coastlines.  This past week, I spent some solo time at our cabin in Surry, ME.  For reasons that may predate this lifetime, I feel the greatest kinship with landscapes above the 44th parallel.  Black spruce, lichens, mosses, long angles of sunlight, and the glacially sculpted terrain all give me a sense of coming home.  Serendipitously, my Concord home of 35 years lies within walking distance of a locally rare northern bog and our summer cabin within a few miles of the homestead of John Peters, one of the founders of Blue Hill, ME and my paternal grandmother's first N. American ancestor -- neither of which I knew at the time we made decisions to settle into each.  Our sense of place is a journey of connection and self discovery that reveals many surprising layers, across space and time!

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