July 25, 2012

Wild Skies at Great Meadows

Last night's impromptu evening walk coincided with the dramatic arrival of a refreshing cold front.  A colorful and ominous gathering and swirling of clouds and color greeted us as we stepped onto the Dike Trail.  Great egrets and great blue herons were caught up in the buffeting breezes.

Great egrets soaring
Dressed for the sunset
The expanse around us was filled with the silhouettes of swallows skimming the water, then soaring up to flutter past the waxing moon and rosy sky.  And in both directions, thousands of lotus blossoms glowed, like so many candle offerings in the evening light.

As the sun set, the eastern grew more fitful with flashes of lightening and rumbles of thunder.  Strong winds blew up the river in our direction, shaking the whole floodplain forest and setting the lotus field a-tremble.  At its pitch, we decided to head back toward the parking lot and safer ground, thrilled by the entire experience.

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