January 1, 2012

See Anything Interesting?

So many Great Meadows' visitors stop to ask me this question.  Of course, most want to hear that there's a rare bird up ahead.  Many are baffled when I mention the small caterpillar adorned in flower petals, the prismatic light reflecting off of river ice, or a perfect collection of snowballs adorning one of the refuge benches.

Rarely a moment passes when Great Meadows doesn't offer something interesting.  So in honor of all those questions, here are some of my most memorable encounters in 2011!
Snowballs relaxing
New Year's Day pilgrim
Ice etching
River reflections
Ice out, eagle in
Great blue heron
Water magic
Wavy-lined emerald caterpillar adorned in fleabane petals
Bedazzled by lotus
Spider weaving over evening primrose
Primrose rosette revealed
Wooly aphids dining on alder
A Sunday stroll with the kids - always interesting!
Yesterday's sunset

May 2012 bring you many happy and interesting returns



  1. Happy New Year to you, Cherrie.
    Been asked that question loads. Like you, all too often the response when I list what I've seen or am photographing is a tolerating look and exit. They don't know what they're missing. :-)
    This is a nice collection from your year.

  2. Thanks, Steve! Hopefully, through our photography and encouraging words we can help folks widen their gaze and loosen expectations to let the wonder flow through.

  3. These are gorgeous. Thank you for posting!