November 20, 2011

Ode to Milkweed

Nothing in the plant realm catches light and wind quite so magically as milkweed fluff.  As the autumn days shorten and shadows lengthen, I'm drawn to the light that radiates out from these beaky pods.  A slow release of gossamer strands warms chilling days with a soft glow and grace.

An abundance of both Common and Swamp milkweeds grow at Great Meadows NWR, getting ever more numerous thanks to the exuberant releases of seeds that many of us encourage.  As the twinkle of these travelers subsides, the season turns toward colder days and ice covered landscapes where light will again lure us in.


  1. Terrific closeups. Reminds me why I don't bother trying to compete with my photographer friends. There's more than just a good lens in these photos.

  2. beautiful images of this amazing plant -- wish i was closer to concord so i could join in on one of your nature walks!

  3. Thanks, you two. Lucy, wish you did would be great to see you again.