November 11, 2010

Blazing Edge of Night

The long, gray nor'easter pushes away this evening leaving a blaze of color in its wake.  Watching the treetops ignite from my kitchen window, I hurry over to Great Meadows to be with the burst of light and flight that comes just before dark.  It moves quickly.  Gold and flushes of rose give way to fiery orange and deepening shadows, all dancing on a canvas of streaming clouds.  As the day releases its last flush, the sky fills with wave upon wave of geese and ducks coming in for the night.  And I am left content in the darkness with the wooshing sound of their descending flight and the settling murmur of their voices.


  1. Beautiful images! I especially like the sunset reflected through the vegetation.

    I grabbed my camera and ran down the street to our local conservation area to capture the same sunset.

  2. Great pictures, Cherrie.
    I watched that sunset from across my street at Frank Scimone's field.