May 8, 2010

Great Meadows Twilight Walk Recap

Several joined in a twilight walk at Friday evening. The air was still and the water calm as the weather began to shift from blue skies to gray. Songs of returning birds filled the air and buds, maple keys, and leaves were noticeably larger from earlier in the week.

Phantom-like clouds of "schooling" gnats hung under leafy bows and another ghostly flying species made dense clouds of synchronous movement above the dike trail, but very little biting from any of them.  These are a feast for the likes of the swallows we saw patrolling the pools and the first appearance of several teetering nighthawks.  A handful of spotted sandpipers dropped in for a night's rest.  Marsh wrens were bubbling enthusiastically all along the dike trail punctuated by the common moorhen calling from the same location it occupied last year.  Our walk carefully wove through a long line of Canada geese parents and their fetching little golden chicks.  Different parenting styles and chick personalities were very much in evidence last night.  Though the sunset colors were few, it was a sublime evening.

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