March 14, 2010

Signs of Spring

On this day of yet another deluge, be reassured that Spring is upon us!  While we could still be flooded, chilled, or snowed under between now and early May, the rhythmic transition of spring is in full swing.

Water and waterfowl are everywhere

Water wings - ephemeral morning ice, greets early risers along the river's edge

Industrious muskrats nibble on fresh cattail shoots foraged from the thawing mud.


Male and female speckled alder flowers and male silver maple flowers make their subtle debuts

Swans and all the feathered and furred ones, undaunted by the fickle weather of this season, show their renewed procreative zeal

How do I know when Spring truly has arrived?  The curl returns to my hair, my senses revive, passion reignites, and familiar metabolic responses return -- even when the snow and ice are lingering too long.  Seriously, to revel in the beginning of each new season and feel integral to it's unfolding, tune in first to your own body/mind's response.


  1. Thank you, Cherrie! Ahhhh spring. Your images reflect my hopefulness in its inevitable arrival. I HOPE to join you on the 3/20 walk.

  2. Thanks. And I hope the river will subside enough to let us explore the dike trail.