February 10, 2016

Walking on Thin Ice

Walking on thin ice is an occupational hazard when you live a wild life in and around Great Meadows.  Here are some masters caught in the act last evening and late this afternoon.

Some geese resting in rapidly freezing waters, while others opted to walk along the icy rim.

My blue heron friend surprised us both as the ice gave way underfoot

Composure regained

At 4 pm this afternoon, a large coyote gingerly walked out onto the thin ice to investigate a muskrat lodge, testing with his paw when footing was uncertain.  Wisely, he decided against any vigorous activity near the lodge and returned back toward the shoreline.

The coyote catches sight of me watching him, from nearly a half mile across the marsh.

Beavers avoid walking on thin ice by poking or plunging straight through instead.  Along the inflow channel from the river, there are a lot of punctures through the ice, along with tail trails and scent mounds.

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  1. Beautiful winter stories, Cherrie, thank you!