October 17, 2015

Autumn Perspective

I grew up near the shoulder of Mt. Wachusett. Knowing that I can still climb a hill in tree-covered Concord and find my bearings in its undulating profile feels inexplicably grounding and thrilling.  While photographing Elm Brook today along a Concord Land Conservation Trust trail, not far from home, I took a short detour up the clearcut slopes of Pine Hill and found the perspective I was seeking, framed in autumn color.  Later, I went looking for visual profiles of Wachusett on line, without success.  Then I returned to Thoreau's Journal, knowing he kept chronicles of his viewings from various tree-cleared high points in town - Fairhaven Hill, Emerson's Cliff, Lee's Cliff hill facing west.  Low and behold, just what I was seeking, a simple but perfectly rendered silhouette as only he could do...

Elm Brook - the glowing shoreline beneath the view


  1. I have also sought out the profile of Wachusett from the Walden area. Thanks for posting.

  2. Cherrie,
    I did not realize how prominent the mountain's profile was, when seen from Concord. I made a point of including Wachusett in that Gazetteer I sent you, which is purportedly place-names within, or next to, Concord, but places he saw while standing in Concord I also included. Now, with your photo, this seems to me justified to include Wachusett in a list of Concord places!