August 2, 2015

Blue Moon Shared - A Glorious Rising

Some forty-three eager walkers joined me on July 31 at Great Meadows for a lovely summer evening stroll down the cross-dike trail, timed to share a glorious Blue Moon rise over the marsh. We explored the many blooming summer wildflowers and airborn and scurrying critters along the way. A swelling chorus of tree crickets and cicadas provided the music and a little family of mallards trying to get from river to marsh through our forest of feet in a 'make way for ducklings' moment.

A blue moon is the contemporary, popular term for a second full moon that occurs within one calendar month, which happens about every 2.5 years.  For an older definition of 'blue moon' see this link, Blue Moon Folklore.

The moonrise was stunning, with the refuge's expansive American lotus field (a mixed blessing) lighting up as the moon climbed higher.  The last blue moon rise took place in August 2012.

Once mother mallard coaxed all of her ducklings through our throng, they paddled away through the moonbeams, giving us all a shiver in the perfection of that moment.

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