February 17, 2014

February Light and Shadow

Mid-February brings winter into its fullest glory, perhaps having outdone itself for some this year. Abundant snows, sensually sculpted by piercing swirling winds, accentuate the smallest details in the landscape and create new topographies even in the flattest of floodplains.  

Yesterday, fifteen of my monthly walkers, still full of enthusiasm for winter's brighter side, set off through Great Meadows with me to explore this month's latest seasonal revelations. A fresh coating of snow, from the third storm in two weeks, sparkled with winter brilliance and swirled in icy wind gusts across the marsh.  But the warming February sun, dark running waters, and occasional spirited bird song all hinted of spring in the making.

The light and lengthening shadows of late afternoon inscribed abstract patterns across our path, making each step a moment of wonder.

A black-and-white photographer at heart, I revel in the contrasts, contours, and tonalities of this beautiful season!


  1. Wonderful use of B+W. Thanks for the photos, and the inspiration: http://jtsvino.tumblr.com/post/77031054258/turkey-hill-snow-patterns-monday-february-17