October 5, 2013

A Peak Experience

Overlooking a remote bog on the edge of Estabrook Woods
I've never quite understood why New Englanders drive long distances from home in search of a "peak foliage" experience each fall.  Surely some of the most beautifully adorned trees and shrubs are ablaze in and around wetlands and woodlands close to home.  Lucky are we in Concord, for the rivers and streams, ponds, bogs, and shrubby swamps that grace our town.  Their autumnal displays would strike awe even in the most avid leaf peeper.  Wader-clad and camera in hand, my foliage tour covers a five mile radius from my front door. 

Drifts of tawny cotton-grass cover the open sphagnum mat in the bog's center
Tawny cotton-grass (Eriophorum virginicum)

Ferns and acid loving trees and shrubs form dense stands on the outer rim of the bog
Sphagnum moss, cranberry, blueberry leaves, and dried fern curls

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