February 10, 2013

Light Pillar Marks Storm's End

Sun pillar forming
For some of us, yesterday's blizzard was a long-awaited affirmation of winter's beauty, grace, and fury...a reset of primal seasonal rhythms that are becoming more syncopated with an increasingly erratic climate.  As the afternoon cleared and the sun began its descent, I quickly ventured to Great Meadows for the denouement to this stormy drama.  My seeking was unexpectedly rewarded with a most wonderful flourish, one that I've never seen before.  (Thanks to two friends for giving it a name!)  Here is my journey down the heavily drifted Dike Trail, in 30 mph winds, and 0ยบ windchill to bid the day farewell, and stand in awe.

Setting sun with unusual radiance
Rose-tinted clouds in all directions
Conical-shaped base of pillar forms as sun reaches horizon

For more information about sun pillars and other wondrous optical phenomena, see Light Pillars.