October 1, 2012

Harvest Moon Ambiance at Great Meadows

Nine great egrets come in to roost at Borden's Pond
A small but enthusiastic group showed up on a cloudy Saturday evening for our Harvest Moon walk.  By 5:30 the evening sky was already quite dark and sunset activities were underway.  Great egrets were leaving the marsh and heading for their evening roost.  Flocks of geese and ducks tumbled out of the sky to spend the night in marshy pools.  And a beaver swam calmly under our noses in the channel by the spillway.

We chose to walk to Borden Pond to look for the egrets roosting amidst the autumnal tints.  And there they were!

Along the way we encountered a curtain of vermillion Virginia creeper and the last vestiges of turtleheads by the pond.

Rising moon glows through the clouds
 Many thanks to Joe Snodgrass (Arlington Natural Connections) for capturing these beautiful images in such dim light! 

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