October 2, 2012

Earth, Air, Water, Fire...Moon

The sunset dance of elements and light at Great Meadows NWR on Sunday night (9/30) was at once spectacular and sublime!  Fortunately, many ventured out to catch the sun's brief reappearance after three drizzly days and had the chance to glimpse dramatic sky, reemerging wildlife, a glistening landscape, and the rising Harvest Moon. 

Lotus jewels

Foraging beaver

Crepuscular rays
Mist rising
Night falling
Moon emerging


  1. Beautiful! I was there late afternoon just after the rain stopped...and before all the people came out again (but they were there in force by the time I left)...I missed the beautiful clouds and moon rise. Your photos are lovely.

  2. Dawn, thank you. Glad to help you finish your experience.