July 4, 2012

Rare Duck Greets Night Walkers

© Christopher Rowan 2012

Some 30+ enthusiastic walkers turned out at Great Meadows in Concord last night to join me for a summer evening walk with hopes of a moonrise at the finish.  As high clouds gathered, I reminded myself to focus on the encounters in each moment as we walked down the Dike Trail and not hang disappointment on the flat light and moon's no-show...a lesson in presence that I often share. 

Almost on cue, Ryan Dougherty came running toward us with report of a Black-bellied Whistling Duck sitting quietly by the shoreline mid-trail.  Alone and far from home, it was patient as ALL of us had a long look.  Thanks to Chris Rowan for this use  of his magnificent photo.

For the rest of our walk we focused on the abundant wildflowers along the trail, got a brief peek at the moon as it was rising behind clouds, and enjoyed the flyover of a black-crowned night heron as we walked back toward our cars.

Lovely evening, wonderful company!

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