March 1, 2012

March Comes In - Like a Snow Lion!

March came in today with hours of soft, soothing, brightening snow.  Our sap buckets finally had their seasonal frosting.  Winds whipped the flakes into a fog of white, pierced by synchronized waves of  blackbirds.

I had a solitary walk at Great Meadows in the late afternoon.  The silence was stirred only by occasional honks, the sound of snow against dried, flapping oak leaves, and - of course - a few low flying planes seeking a runway.  The ducks and geese were swimming, snowy backed through the shallows.  The clinging snow highlighted all the beautiful features of the marsh and forests, white against dark, contrasting every detail of the landscape.

I, for one, felt retuned by this long awaited winter's day and can now look forward to spring with a sense of seasonal completeness.

Do you see the snow lion peering into the water?

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