January 16, 2012

Phase Change

Assabet River - flash frozen
For as long as I can remember, my inner clock has been set to rhythm of New England's seasons, in all their glory.  For these past few weeks, I've been waiting to feel my annual reset kick in.  This usually comes with the first delicate calls of returning juncos, the low hanging sun highlighting the landscape, a silent snowfall, and the interplays of ice with all of the elements.  With this year's snowless winter, my attention has been drawn to subtler manifestations of our coldest season to realize the annual phase change that sets me right for the coming year.

In yesterday's flash frozen landscape, that transformation began.  Bundled up for the 3ยบ windchill, this is what I saw (through watery eyes).

No matter how much each season conforms to my expectations, in the end I'm reminded to go with the flow... 


  1. quite a contrast in weather than what we have here! Lovely photos, nice to meet you!

  2. Thanks, Veronica. I'm glad Triptypch gave us a path for sharing our creations with each other.

  3. Hi Cherrie, I was at Great Meadows NWR last weekend and saw a hawk that had what looked like a piece of reed sticking out of its back. Have you seen it? Is that a common occurrence? Would there ever be any attempt to assist a hawk like this? Just curious. Thanks.

  4. Hi Dawna, though I haven't...several have seen this Harrier and Larry Warfield was able to photograph it and posted that on his blog, Great Meadows - Concord, http://www.greatmeadowsconcord.com/2012/01/radio-controlled.html. It does appear to be a reed or stick. I believe the refuge staff know about it, but I don't think there's much that can be done unless the hawk comes down. It has been flying with this for several days now.