March 27, 2010

Brisk Spring Morning at GMNWR in Concord

It was 20 degrees this morning as we gathered in the parking lot for our first spring walk.  Of course, I was delighted for us to have one more chance to commune with ice before all turns green.  The river appeared to have dropped overnight as hinted by ice stars clinging to reed stems and hovering 4-5" above the water's surface.

The birds were not phased by the crisp temperature.  Buffleheads and tree swallows were spied from the tower.  Various woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, and goldfinches were all quite active along the woodland trails.  A carolina wren sang in the neighborhood and a golden-crowned kinglet let out his song along the Timber Trail, while wood ducks were seen both on water and in trees.  We found many skunk cabbage blossoms and wild onions near the Edge Trail boardwalk.  In our first exploration of the Timber Trail, we discovered an outcrop draped in evergreen woodfern and polypody ferns with a carpet of partridge berry nearby.  Lots of detours and bushwhacking to maneuver around flooding even deep into the pine woods.  Another wonderful morning spent on the trail with enthusiastic, observant, and knowledgeable folk!  See new photos in GMNWR 2010 photo album.


  1. Sounds like fun and great photos, esp the ice flower! My daughter was in town, so I couldn't make it. Catch you at the next one I hope!
    Anne W.

  2. Sorry I missed it. Looking forward to April.