January 20, 2010

GM Walkers and Winter Wonders

The ice formations, light plays, and winter floral survivors all did their part to engage and enchant 22 walkers, half of whom were newcomers, on our Sense of Place foray at Great Meadows on Jan. 17th.  With the added melting of the previous day, the ice sheets revealed themselves once again along the river.  Silver maples sported ice skirts and glistening shelves and the quicksilver ice edges shimmered in the sunlight.  In that midwinter interface between warm bursts and cold earth, we saw swimming tadpoles and flowing water next to ice caves and crystaline patterns.  The silhouetted  seed pods of small-flowered gerardia, evening primrose, downy swamp milkweed, curly dock, cattail, and swamp dodder still appointed the landscape.  Everyone was treated to the chatter of the intrepid marsh wrens who apparently plan to stay through the winter.

Thanks to all for your enthusiasm, unique perspectives, and shared knowledge.  Join us on Saturday, February 13, from 9-11 am for our next monthly Great Meadows walk.

1 comment:

  1. As usual, your writing is quite eloquent! I enjoyed the walk and learned more about ice, and how the water levels leave dramatic changes. There is also the world inside the ice that Cherrie remarked on, if you have the right light. So I'll be back to try to catch that some afternoon.
    I will have photos on Flickr as soon as I can compile them.